The Project Man was established in 1995 by Mark Nebeker when he began providing training and support services to the Space Shuttle engineering and maintenance teams in Southern California. For 22 years he and subsequent team members have provided project planning and scheduling expertise to some of the largest aerospace & defense companies in the world. While we have expertise in several leading project scheduling software tools, the company was founded for the purpose of providing Microsoft Project training and support.

The company name was inspired by the nickname given to Mark while providing training services to Rockwell International and Boeing North America back in 1995. The Project Man has grown and includes a team of men and women who are all worthy of the nickname. Each is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in one or more project management disciplines, tools and methods. While most of our work is done to support Earned Value Management System (EVMS) environments, we have also worked with both medium and large companies in the areas of software development, and consumer product development, computer hardware manufacturing, among others.